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Frequently asked questions

Date: Saturday, 21st of September 2019
Start/End: 2pm, Linz

The Linzathlon is an urban obstacle run for women and men, who are looking for a new athletic challenge! Thanks to the 15 natural and artificial obstacles located on the 10 km long route through Linz, diversity is guaranteed. They make the Linzathlon a really though challenge! What counts here is not only endurance, also energy, cleverness and flexibility.

It takes place on the 21st of september, 2019. Starting time for the first block: 2pm.

It takes place in the city centre of Linz. The event arena will be at the “Donaulände”.

Information about the route you´ll find here.

Starting time for the first block is 2pm.

The participation for the first Linzathlon will cost between 49€ and 81€ (More details: Run infos). Not only including the run, but also starting gifts stuffed with a lot of goodies, refreshment stations along the route and the social programme.

If you want to make changes to your registration at the start number issuance we will charge 10€. Thank you for understanding.

You can register under our menu item Register. There you`ll find a link to Pentek-Payment who are responsible for all of your registrations.

Within your registration you will get the chance to book a cancellation insurance, for the case of getting ill or injured. You can also transfer your start number to friends or family in case you won`t take part yourself.

If you want to make changes to your registration at the start number issuance we will charge 10€. Thank you for understanding.

Age categories MEN:
15-35 (1984-2004) / 35-45 (1974-1983) / 45-55 (1964-1973) / 55+ (1963 + older)

Age Categories – WOMEN:
15-35 (1984-2004) / 35-45 (1974-1983) / 45-55 (1964-1973) / 55+ (1963 + older)

Team competition:
Female, Male, Mixed

Couples competition: 2 runners
Firebrigade competition
Students competition

Women, men or mixed (at least 1 man and 1 woman) – Starting with 4 people (number of members is unlimited) you can participate as a team. The 4
fastest team members will be taken into account. Moreover every runner takes part in the individual time taking. In a mixed team at least one man and one woman will be taken into account.

Attention: Keep the right spelling of your team name in mind!

Couple assessment: 2 runners

Only for men or women in a relationship – no matter the constellation!

You can also participate when you are 15

But: if you are born between 21st of September 2001 and 21st of September 2004 you need a letter of agreement from your parents. To participate you have to hand it in at the start number issuance!

We start every 4 minutes with 100 people every session. The start numbers of each block have the same color so everybody with the same color can run together. Within the block: first come, first served.

Everyone who passes the third refreshment station after 6.30pm will be taken out of the race. (Subject to modifications)

The registration will be made under the current safety standards in the SSL encrypted procedure. No payment details will be saved, the processing of the payment will be done via a verified third part company.

Passage Linz, Landstraße 17-25, 4020 Linz – 1. OG neben dem Infopoint
Freitag, 20. September, 9:30 – 19:00 Uhr (Juniors bis 15 Uhr)
Samstag, 21. September, 9:00 – 13:00 Uhr

If you want to make changes to your registration at the start number issuance we will charge 10€. Thank you for understanding.

Details about showers/toilets/changing rooms will be announced shortly!

Like for all sporting events the right gear is of great importance. Therefor we gathered a few tips and tricks for your:

  • Shoes: Spikes and shoes with dobbs are not allowed! We recommend running shoes with a solid profile.
  • Clothing: Since we hope for good weather we would recommend some shorts and a t-shirt. Kneepads or a knee-lenght shorts could prevent you from abrasions.
  • Gloves: We recommend you to at least wear biking-gloves. It will be easier on some obstacles!

We recommend to travel by public transport.

All informations regarding hotels you`ll find on our Hotel/Parken web page.

Here you go!

The time will be measured with a chip, which will be attached to your feet.

The results will be published one hour after the run is over.

We will award the 3 fastest women and men no matter their age, also the 3 fastest women, men and mixed teams (the 4 fastest in the team get the prize) and the best couple team wins a prize as well.

  • Altough the Linzathlon is about the physical challenge, the most important thing for us is fun and togetherness!
  • For every “Innsbruckathlon-Athlete” it´s a point of honor to conquer the obstacles in the regular way.
  • If one obstacle is not manageable for you, you circulate around it or if you leave the official route your results will be taken out of the tournament.
    (If you can`t cope with one obstacle you can still finish your run, but your result will be DNF.)
  • Unfair or unsportsmanlike manners will lead to disqualification!
  • Covering or demolishing of your start number will also lead to disqualification!
  • Instructions given by medical staff / securitys / police men etc. must be followed at all times!
  • Please: Act like real sportsman and sportswomen. If you see someone who needs your help – please do so!

Specific run and strenght training with coordinative elements is a good way to train for the Linzathlon. Run over rough and smooth and if you have the chance to, run the official Linzathlon route beforehand. Pull-ups and other strength exercises won’t hurt too.

Register here for our Linzathlon-Newsletter, to get all the important news! Of course you`ll also find us on Facebook andInstagram.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us at our office. We are happy to help you from Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 12:30!

Phone: 0316 / 232 680

The Junior-Linzathlon is an obstacle run for kids and teens between 8 and 15 years. They can compete against each other in 3 different age groups: 8-10 years, 11-13 years, 14-15 years.

Every 4 minutes a group of kids will start. The route is about 2 km long and has 7 obstacles.

Date + Location

Friday, 20th of September 2019
Start/End: 2pm, Linz